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Bryce, at home, creating in his workshop
Bryce, aka dDominator, is a young man, born with Down Syndrome, who has always been passionate about art and costume making. While quarantining at home for Covid in March of 2022, Bryce caught cosplay fever while browsing inspiring YouTube creators like DIY Costume Squad and The Costume Kid over and over. He became obsessed with DIY costume making and showed an innate talent for it so his parents decided to help turn his hobby into a lifestyle. 

Since then, Bryce works daily on new and exciting costumes and sometimes revisits and revises his completed costumes. You can view Bryce's costume portfolio at or by clicking on the Instagram camera icon at the bottom of every page. Find out how it all happens with behind the scenes content at

Bryce is an inspiration to his family and we hope to inspire other people with disabilities, and their families, to chase dreams and reach for the stars. 

About dDominator, the ambassador of differently abled cosplay
After experiencing an epiphany envisioning a kinder and better world with superheroes who have disabilities, we created a superhero persona for Bryce and brought him to life in dDominator comics. He's the Down Syndrome hero we've all been waiting for. His powers include an innate ability to breakdown strangers into friends with a single meeting and a powerful urge to care for, and help, his friends (especially Gabe) as they seek to participate in all manners of life.  His weapons are a symbolic love beam with hug inducing filter and a bag of magic wipes he carries on his belt to clean up, or cure, virtually any mess humanly possible.

To help fight evil, and generally to help humanity, dDominator calls on his sidekicks (how about you?). Look for them in their sidekick shirt with a "dDominator And _____" iron-on sticker and a pink or burgundy hat with a dDominator logo pin plus hard earned dDominator awarded praise pins.  And, they will surely be wearing their dDominator logo fanny pack to store and distribute good deed doer pins to those in need while spreading dDominator inspired Down Syndrome advocacy, patience, compassion, empathy, praise, and encouragement to all.
ddominator in comic form

  • About ClareVoyant
    ClareVoyant, who uses the Instagram handle of @dinfluenceher, is a master of social media who uses Instagram and her clairvoyance to monitor, protect, and warn dDominator (and you) as dDominator encounters danger or frustration.  Please make sure to follow her Instagram for your own good. She also uses her account to somehow post new comic adventures before they hit the website. Yet another great reason to follow her.  

    ClareVoyant isn't afraid to mix it up when dDominator needs help. She's clairvoyant but also has another super power, the power to hypnotize, and tantalize, emanating from her dreamy hypnotic eyes. She's purposely posted her mask on Instagram with a warning to bullies everywhere to, "Look me in the eyes".  Follow her at I've got a feeling we may see her lurking around this website in dD comics often.  Click the Comics link to join in on the adventures of ClareVoyant, dDominator and the Da Alliance.

    About Da Alliance (DaA)
    The Differently abled Alliance (DaA) is a collection of dDominator Comics superheroes, represented in real life by friends and members of the dD Cosplay Club who just happen to be persons with disabilities. They include:
  • Bea Youneek - she's unique and proud of it with a mood changing power spread through magic confetti
  • ?naire - he's a human lie detector who seeks to heal relationships and right wrongs with his questions
  • Chef de Lishus - a superchef with the power to entrance and delight both suspecting and unsuspecting diners
  • dSoothSayer (dSS) - he's a graffiti artist who can see the future and change it with a drawing but only if all the characters in the drawing see it
  • ClareVoyant (CV) - she's a social media influencer who uses her IG to help dD and to keep her followers away from harm but she's a superhero too with a hypnotic stare and the power of clairvoyance 
  • dDominator (dD) - he's the leader of Da Alliance who uses his Love Beam to turn villains into friends
  • Favor/Fever - he's a villain when angry who spreads fever with a touch and who turns back into a gift-giving hero when happy with the antidote touch that cures Fever's fever
  • HugHippie - he's a hippie with a impenetrable hugaura and an irresistible hug that turns strangers into friends and friends into mush
  • kKnockOut (kKO) - he's a stealth ninja with the power to take out villains with his feared kKO
  • Shadow She (and Shady) - she's a shy hero who lurks in the shadows but emerges when needed to take on villains with the help of her shadow puppet nicknamed Shady
  • Sinnntilate - he's a champion boxer who's been banned from the sport he loves so he now trains obsessively seeking to help dD fight villains with his Boom! Boom! Wow!
  • Sir JoJo (and Night Mare) - he's a valiant knight with a trusty mare named Night Mare who knows how to use his long sword when needed but prefers to use his jester powers of joke telling and juggling
  • See the Comics link at this site and to learn more about our heros and their good deeds.


Spoiler Alert...move to the next paragraph to maintain the intrigue. What would a superhero be without an arch nemesis?  dDominator has Canttankerus. But wait...Canttankerous has a kind and good alter ego, Candancalot, who takes over while under the spell of dDominator's Love Beam to spread the joy of dance.  Talk about a plot twist.

Canttankerus aka Candancalot is introduced in Comic Strip 3. Canttankerus is a flying villian with green wings and the word CANT emblazoned on his black beanie. He's armed around the belt with candy coated puke balls coded with powerful disruptive words that he hurls in chaotic fashion to foil dDominator and his friends at every turn as they attempt to complete daily tasks.  Some say Canttankerus is really a good dude whose attempts at discipline and tough love have been misunderstood. His alter ego, Candancalot, is definitely a CAN-do guy and beloved dance teacher who's appeared with dDominator at times.  You be the judge of his true character. Regardless, all agree on one thing.  He's a heck of a dancer.

Other dDominator Comics Villains
dDominator also battles other villains in his mission to protect and inspire the good and innocent. Those villains include the brutish Bully Bull, the dreaded Fever, and despised Controll. Find out more about dDominator comics villains, and their real life incarnations, at

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Please contact us, or Bryce, via this site or his Instagram and we will do our best to answer your questions and share his joy.