Chef de Lishus Blog & Recipes

Chef de Lishus, played by Bryce in the image below, is a super chef created by dDominator Comics with portrayal open to all persons with disabilities who cook. 

Please revisit this page often to see more persons with disabilities portray Chef de Lishus in videos and to learn their delicious recipes.

(New) Recipe 1 - Grandma B's Bischel (an old world stew with a secret spice that renders an irresistible earthy taste).

(New) Recipe 2 - Bryce's delicious and healthy protein shakes flavored with banana, berries, peanut butter, and spinach

Chef de Lishus is a superhero member of dDominator Comics Da (Da alliance), a superchef who's food tastes and smells so good it forces you to immediately cease what you're doing and beg for a taste.  Chef de uses his culinary superpower to aide dDominator and the other DA superheroes by showing up, when summoned by ClareVoyant, to distract villains and feed superheros in support of the cause. You'll see Chef de Lishus soon in a dDominator Comic and eventually in a dDominator short movie. Until then, Chef de plans to share some of his superfood on reels at Instagram @ddominatordotnet and his superfood recipes with his blog links, shared below.

Let it be known, the superpower source of Chef de Lishus is the hat. Whoever wears that coveted chef hat with the Chef de Lishus logo becomes a superchef capable of irresistible culinary delight. Guard that hat at all costs to keep it away from supervillains like Canttankerus and always remember the Chef de Lishus catch phrase, "May de food be with you!"

Coming Soon

Recipe 3 - Grandma B's German Pancakes

Recipe 4 - Grandma B's Riverl Staertz (a scrumptious potato streusel)